Fortuna ES 50

Single-Scarf Skiving Machine

Reliable, Safe, Efficient

Fortuna ES 50 Single-Scarf Skiving Machine


The Fortuna ES 50 is a single-scarf skiving machine for working widths up to 50mm. Featuring a step-less electronic drive of the feed roll, the ES 50 is ideal for shoes, leather goods and orthopedic industries.

The electronic feed guarantees continuous working process in comparison to a typical clutch, ensuring optimal quality. Production is improved with the ES 50 and operator training time is reduced.

The Fortuna ES 50 makes it possible to skive leather, imitation leather, plastics and similar materials. The infinitely variable feed speed allows for skiving with reduced waste.

Features & Benefits

  • Newly fashioned construction with readily adjustable machine functions
  • Easy handling & less spare parts needed
  • Work table with modified suction device & scrap box
  • Knife position indicator
  • Easy and quick adjustment of scrap ejector
  • User-friendly dust extraction with filter sheet
  • Low noise-emission and large work surface
  • Electronic drive of feed reduces operating costs & training times
  • Maximum feed speed controlled by potentiometer
  • Step-less electronic drive of feed roll controlled by foot pedal.


  • Work lamp
  • Top cover
  • Lubrication device for bell-knife for laminated materials
  • Pneumatic scrap & dust removal system in case of fibrous materials

Machine Specifications

tech specs for Fortuna ES 50 skiving machine

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