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From classic cutting to customized systems, Hudson Cutting is in the business of providing cutting machines that keep the manufacturing process running smoothly. We work with an extensive list of vendors, suppliers and engineers to ensure your specific manufacturing needs are met with complete solutions. When out-of-the-box methods won’t serve, we’ll collaborate to design a custom system made to work with your specific requirements.

Learn more about our extensive partner network and how it gives us the cutting edge in solving your most pressing die cutting issues.

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Hudson Cutting HA-Series Clicker Press / Die Cutting Machine

Swing Beam Clicker Press

Rugged. Reliable. Reasonable. Hudson Cutting swing arm die cutting presses prove their versatility on narrow to medium width sheet or roll goods.

Hudson Cutting - Traveling Head Die Cutting Machine

Traveling Heads

Suited to many materials, Hudson Cutting traveling head die cutters feature a bed to process the full material width. A movable platen allows accurate die placement to minimize waste.

Fortuna AB-320 Splitting Machine

Fortuna Splitters

Precise separation of materials. Ultra-fine tolerances. Scientific accuracy. Reproducible results. It’s a tall order, but your business needs the best. That’s what Fortuna splitting machines deliver.

Hudson Cutting Solutions - Full Head Die Cutting Machine

Full Head Cutters

Big, complex jobs require simple solutions. Hudson Cutting full head die cutting presses feature auto-balancing plus optional standardized feeding equipment to tailor them to your specific requirements.

Hudson Cutting Solutions - Full Head Die Cutting Machine

SampleJET ONE & CutterJET

For soft materials cutting within a fully enclosed system, you can’t beat these pure water cutting machines.

Hudson Cutting Solutions - Full Head Die Cutting Machine


This pure water cutting system uses a high frequency oscillating cutting knife perfectly suited for soft materials cutting, including leather and footwear applications.

Hudson Cutting Solutions - Full Head Die Cutting Machine

PowerJET Series

These abrasive water jet cutting machines are scalable and fully customizable to customer specifications.

A Cut Above the Rest

You’ve got to be sharp to be on the cutting edge of the die cutting, splitting, and skiving industry.

With almost 100 years of manufacturing history, Hudson is positioned at the forefront of the industry and has the experience to back it. Evolving from USM’s press division and Hudson General Machinery, today Hudson Cutting is synonymous with reliable and quality customer service and cutting solutions. Hudson Cutting Solutions operates out of its headquarters in Portsmouth, NH and Quebec Canada and has representatives positioned around North America to quickly respond to your needs. We aim to provide unmatched service and satisfaction by offering a full array of best-in-class cutting, splitting & skiving systems from industry leading providers.

Hudson Cutting fosters intimate partnerships with technology leaders, bringing the most advanced solutions to customers and clients. No industrial challenge is insurmountable and our team works tirelessly with clients and partners to provide innovative products, services, and solutions.

Planar Engineered Cutting Pads

Hudson Cutting Solutions offers German-engineered Planar Cutting Pads to provide consistent performance over time and extend the life of your cutting dies.

Not only are Hudson cutting pads of the highest quality, they can be re-surfaced, so you save money by getting more use from your pads without sacrificing performance.

PLANAR engineered cutting pads

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