Cutting Pads

PLANAR Engineered ~ Manufactured in Germany

Cutting Pads

PLANAR Engineered

Introducing Hudson Cutting Solutions PLANAR engineered cutting pads. Manufactured in Germany using a process specifically designed to relieve the stresses which cause bowing in extruded cutting pads. Hudson’s cutting pads are manufactured to increase the life of your cutting dies by maintaining planar surfaces throughout the life of the pad.

Hardness is more than skin deep – as a matter of fact it goes all the way through – which means they can be re-surfaced, greatly extending the life of the pad. PLANAR cutting pads – an engineered solution for more efficient and cost effective die cutting.

Download a brochure, for more information about these PLANAR engineered pads, including some helpful maintenance tips.

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PLANUS engineered cutting pads

Ultimate Product Quality

  • Highest quality available
  • High impact strength
  • Constant and consistent hardness throughout
  • Stress relieved to resist bowing
  • Long service life
  • No chipping or crumbling
  • Increases die life
  • Guaranteed to perform

Hudson Dependability

  • Dedicated staff serving your needs
  • Quick response to orders
  • Large inventory for immediate shipping
  • Technical support
  • Different Shore D hardness options to meet your cutting needs

Reliability, Service & Features

  • Pads can be cut to custom sizes
  • Pad planing service
  • Quality mounting of pads to Finnish Birch if required
  • Different thicknesses available
  • Composition rubber and conductive pads also available
  • Double sided tape available

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