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Hudson Cutting Skivers

We are proud to introduce our new line of Hudson branded Skiving Machines. These skivers are for the budget-minded consumer.

The table below explains the functionality and use for each machine type. A cutting consultant can explain how this technology is applied for your individual production needs.

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Hudson Skiving Brochure

Click below for a printable brochure of the Hudson Cutting Family of Skiving (and Splitting) Machines, and feel free to Contact our Sales Team for additional information or to answer any questions you may have about our line of Skivers.

UN-888 Skiving machine

UN-888 Skiving Machine

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Skiving Width
Skiving Angle
Typical Applications
0 - 11 mm
0 - 45°
Driven guide roll
0 - 34 mm
0 - 20°
Shoe caps, thermoplastic and uncoated materials in high volume
Driven guide roll
0 - 50 mm
0 - 20°
Leather soles, hard and heavy materials, leather toe caps and counters
Driven guide roll
0 - 50 mm
0 - 20°
Plastics, rubber, printing blankets, diving suits, technical foams, conveyor belts
Driven guide roll
0 - 50 mm
0 - 20°
Artificial fur, natural fur, felt
Driven guide roll
0 - 50 mm
0 - 20°
Shoes, leather goods, belts, technical textiles, laminated materials in low volume
0 - 18 mm
0 - 33°
Shoes, leather goods, belts, laminated materials
Manually adjustable grinding and knife positioning