2-Axis Traveling Head

Programmable Die Cutting Machine
Reliable, Safe, Efficient

2-Axis Traveling Head Die Cutting Machine


These machine are suitable for die cutting a wide range of materials including textiles, plastics, rubber, foam, composites, paper & paperboard, wood, leather, cork, automotive upholstery, gaskets, filters, abrasives, shoe components, envelopes, medical supplies, packaging, sponges, caps, linings, balls, stickers, floor tiles, leather goods, floor mats, toys, and more.

drawing - inboard pinch roll feeder

Inboard Pinch Roll Feeder

drawing - reciprocating clamping bar feed

Reciprocating Clamping Bar Feed

Features & Benefits

  • Twin-axis servo positioning provides high productivity with maximum material utilization.

  • Simple menu programming requires minimal operator skill.

  • Twin chain-driven carriage guarantees positional tolerances of ± 0.020” (0.5 mm)

  • Choice of integrated feed mechanisms:

    • Roll feed normally suitable for simple roll fed applications using
      one or two rolls of material.

    • Reciprocating Pincer / Clamping Bar feed suitable for feeding multi-ply roll applications.
specifications of 2-axis traveling head die cutting machine

*Measured from underside of platen to bed

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