Fortuna 50 KK-S

Stiffener Skiving Machine

Reliable, Safe, Efficient

Fortuna 50 KK-S Stiffener Skiving Machine

Skiving Machine with Upper Driven Feed Roll


  • Shoe cap skiving machine for leather toe puffs and counters.
  • The maximum working width is 50 mm. Used in the shoe industry (sole leather).
  • The machine is designed as standing workplace.

The 50 KK-S was designed for skiving hard and heavy materials. With the upper driven feed roll a continuous sliding of the material is ensured. The step-less adjustable knife speed and the clockwise / counter-clockwise operation of the bell knife are another guarantee for an optimal cut. The feed speed is adjustable by belt pulleys.

Features & Benefits

  • Work table with scrap slide and scrap box
  • User friendly grinding dust disposal through filter cassette
  • Low noise emission
  • Electronic controlled knife speed with reversal of rotation direction


  • Various accessories (pressure rolls, feed rolls, etc.) for different applications
  • Work lamp
  • Cover
  • Thickness gauge
  • Lubrication device

Machine Specifications

technical specifications for the Fortuna 50 KK-S Skiving Machine

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