Fortuna AB 320 G

Bandknife Splitting Machine

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Fortuna AB 320 G

Bandknife Splitting Machine

The Fortuna AB 320 G is a precision bandknife splitting machine used in the rubber, plastics, cable and textile floor covering industries as a production laboratory machine.

The AB 320 G is precision-made and ergonomically designed to ensure minimum fatigue, rapid operation and accurate, consistent performance.

As a special feature, machines in the G-Series have a display indicating the distance between the bottom feed roll and the cutting edge of the bandknife. This feature ensures the desired cut is achieved the first time.

LCD display of Fortuna AB 320 G Bandknife Splitter

LCD Display Shows:

  • Upper splitting thickness
  • Lower scrap thickness
  • Feed drive (m/min)
  • Digital dial gauge (0.00mm)
technical specifications  of Fortuna AB 320 G Bandknife Splitter

Features & Benefits

  • LCD display of splitting thickness, scrap thickness, and a permanent display of key machine management features
  • Includes a thickness measuring device
  • Standard version has a material thickness clearance of 8mm (optional 20mm)
  • Self-adjusting bandknife ensures constant consistent knife position which can be checked with the integrated magnifying glass
  • For splitting up to 10mm, the display shows 0.06mm steps. Exceeding 10mm, steps of 0.10 are displayed.

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